When partnering with ICO service firms is worth it

Sometimes startups that have a good product and want to launch an ICO to raise funds do not know how to attract investors’ attention. Many of them spend money on exhibitions and conferences without understanding if their product is interesting to the audience. But there are professional firms that could help.

They are called service platforms for launching ICOs. There are several dozens of them on the market already, which means that there is some choice. You criteria could be credibility, reputation, price or specialization in a particular sphere.

If you chose to hire a service platform, it would be worth spending some time on finding one that suits your needs the best because ultimately such cooperation will help you to save time & money and to find additional investors.

Disclaimer. Do not expect ICO service firms to take all work from your hands, but they will make you ICO easier, safer and more efficient. If you choose wisely, a good ICO service firm will be your safety net and with a good partner, you will afford at least several hours of sleep during the sale.

  1. Hundreds of ICO projects are competing for the money of big investors, including venture capital. ICO service firms have in their databases thousands of investors that are ready to finance promising projects.
  2. Do not forget, that if you want to sell tokens, you will need to develop a payment system. It means you will have extra costs (paying software engineers) and the ICO process will become twice as long.
  3. Normally such firms offer 24/7 ICO support, they have ready-made software solutions and are able to guarantee the safety of investments.
  4. ICO service firms will help you to avoid regulatory risks and the risk of unnecessary litigation.
  5. They will also help you to ensure that hackers do not steal investors’ money.
  6. ICO service firms know how to hold a good marketing campaign that will help you to raise more money.
  7. The client base of ICO service firms may reach hundreds of thousands people. Usually, they hold several ICOs simultaneously which means that the interest to such platforms is bigger that to individual ICOs.

To list an ICO on a specialized platform, all you need is to answer several questions about you project, your team and your competitors, and upload the Whitepaper. Then their staff will contact you and provide support at all stages of your project.

Do not forget that ICO service platforms are popular among token buyers because they are usually easy-to-use. Normally they will ask buyers to register on their website and to create an internal account. Then it is necessary to refill it with BTC or ETH, select the tokens and buy them. For buyers, ICO service platforms are like a crypto supermarket where they can choose from several token sales.

Apart from tutorials, they also offer videos that explain how to complete different operations on the platform. Some ICO service firms ask their clients to go through the KYC (know your customer) procedure that makes the ICO process safer for all parties.

For instance, Playkey tokens were available also on the Cryptonomos platform which is the bright example of such services for ICO listing. Via this channel Playkey received 5 percent of all money raised during the ICO, which is a very good result. Cryptonomos helped with early backer engagement and PR.

Cryptonomos has already listed 8 ICOs. Among them were the sales of Giga Watt processing center, WAX Worldwide asset exchange, and INC global grocery decentralized ecosystem. The ninth ICO, of Rentberry Decentralized Home Rental Platform, is ongoing till February, 28.

Cryptonomos is a team of 35 professionals with international experience. Its database includes 80,000+ investors ready to finance projects. It has its own payment acceptance system and security system for data storage. The number of token buyers on Cryptonomos recently passed 100,000.

To sum up. There is no doubt that the company that launches the ICO knows its product like the back of its hand, but it might need the help of professionals in marketing, legal and technical support. The ICO service companies are developing together with the ICO market and are becoming more mature and professional. They will not do everything for you, but they could help you to attract more investors and money and enable you to focus on the product development.

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