How to Show Attractions in Your City

You know that moment when friends comes visit and they want you to show them around your city? Been there, done that! I for once was terribly astonished by the fact that I didn’t know one simple thing about my city, and that is because I live here and I take it for granted.

Even if it’s just for yourself not only to show off to your friends, you should be able to easily find the best points of attractions from your surroundings.

So how can you find easy attractions in your city on a short notice — and also in the long run?

Step 1

You could start by using the places you already know so you can play it safe — parks, museums, cozy cafes, gardens or any imposing building you can recall. In the meantime you can call your parents and ask them for advice, you could be impressed by what the old folks know and you don’t.

Step 2

In case you find out ahead of time that a friend is visiting, you can start researching on the internet. Honestly, I like to send out videos to my friends so we can plan the adventure ahead of time.

The best way that I do that is by using a website such as where I just search for my city, add some keywords that might interest me or my friends and then it will automatically generate a wonderful playlist from YouTube with all that I have asked for. It also includes areial views or gopro views so you can see your city in new ways.

Step 3

Be a tourist yourself!

I have a friend that took a day off and wondered around our city acting like a tourist himself. It was a very nice and fun experience. And imagine that if you and your friends are both in the same tourist situation, the fun might be even bigger.

The thing is to learn and have fun!

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