INDIA’S HISTORY — and why you should visit it now.

Indira Gandhi or The Iron Lady Of India’s 1978 interview by TV Eye has taken the internet by storm these past days.

By all means, this is a good way to get a small glimpse at what this ”blessed by the Gods” leader thinks, acts or just speaks her mind. But truly, the reason why everybody is so interested by this is because it takes you back a little to India’s extremely rich History.

This land was an amazing setting for legends, myths and religions where they all collided somehow into a precious way of living. Mahatma Gandhi was one of it’s revivors, the one who had a dream of making them all work together in harmony.

Today, India is a land where the old meets the new, where the Western meets Eastern (a pretty good balance between the both). Either way, it is nothing as you thought it would be.

How about you visit the Lotus Temple and see what modern architecture is all about?

Or maybe take a trip through it’s luxurious natural landscapes?

Maybe even catch up on some rural traditions?

Maybe, if you are lucky enough you could even catch an Indian wedding ceremony — one of the most colorful and respectful traditions in India!

But until then, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite playlists from Playligo and visualize how you would like to see India in all its might!

Travel safe!

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