McChicken Horror Story

In this terrible internet world where the McChicken video is being shared more than it should be, whilst mourning the loss of the amazing Gene Wilder (whom we most adore and respect), we think it’s time to take a break.

The simple idea that the McChicken video went viral would give anyone second questions. If you are so stressed that you find that even mildly interesting or even worse, funny, (we truly believe it’s disgusting) and you would like to share it on your personal profile than you should try something new in order to relax. We would suggest you go on vacation, but not just any vacation — a dream trip.

Now how do you end up finding the perfect place to go in order to relax and unwind your senses? We suggest you think of the most important things that help you loose your senses. Could it be a hot bath in the middle of the mountains? How about a relaxing massage on the beach, while the Ocean waves do the music for your ears? Maybe you are more of a stay inside while drinking a hot cup of tea person, or maybe you love great views and photography — no matter which you might be, we have the ultimate solution for you! Log on to and search for the keywords that might make you happy, and see how your dream vacation would look like in a short, shareable video playlist.

Try to implement more travelling in your life, even if it’s not always in a new place, sometimes your old go-to places might end up being more relaxing since you already know how it will be. But if you check them out in advance, like we do by using Playligo — than you will have the time of your life no matter where you go.

Cheers to a stress-free vacation from now on!