What to Avoid when Planning a Trip

Not everybody knows how to properly plan a vacation or a trip and end up getting to spend more money than they should or even worse, they end up in a place they do not like.

I would like to bring a solution to that table, something that works for me and I hope works for you as well.

Step 1

Don’t waste time and money, plan ahead!

The first thing you must do when planning a trip/vacation is to plan ahead of time. Buy tickets and book in advance so you won’t end up paying 2 or 3 times the price by using an last-minute option. Why spend money on commissions when you can use them in order to expand your experience?

Step 2

Visualize your vacation!

Try to imagine how it will be. To better do that, I suggest looking at pictures or videos on the internet or provided by friends who have already been there or better, live there!

I like to use www.playligo.com because it just saves me a lot of time — i just put in the location and some keywords and it automatically generates playlists from YouTube with whatever i want to see from there, but you could use anything you want (Google, YouTube etc).

Step 3

Don’t use 3rd parties!

Why pay for their commission when you can pay for your next ice cream in Bali? All sites know how to sell their good, and better yet sell their commissions. Try calling by yourself, ask by yourself — it’s cheaper, more honest and more informative.

Step 4

Relax and enjoy!

No matter how things turn out, you could always try to sit back and enjoy. The idea of travelling alone should be enough for you to have fun, no matter what happens.

Have fun!

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