My Book-list Read in 2014.

Between my struggles to Read a lot of books and write a few paragraphs, the former always wins and i thought it will make sense if i can share my book-list read in 2014. Almost all the books i read are non-fictional except a few classics. i would cover a few read before 2014 of which i have fond memories.

( In No Particular Order)

  1. 101 Contrarian Ideas about advertising — Bob Hoffman. this is a light, funny and interesting read about events in the advertising world. it is witty and full of satire in describing agency-client relationships and the author’s eventful years in the industry. a short breezy read. picked this up since he was cited repeatedly by George Parker (see below)in his works.
  2. Ubiquitous persuaders — George Parker. this is again a very witty and humorous book about how the advertising industry works and how the big 4 are ruining it. George Parker writes like he doesn't care and when you read it, you understand why does a industry veteran says so. his finest work remains “ Confessions of a Mad Man”, from his series of Mad man blogs. Ubiquitous persuaders is a distant second and i recommend only if you like George Parker’s works.
  3. Book of Gossage — Bruce Bendinger. Picked this up from the must read list for all aspiring marketers. this book describes in detail the works and praises for Howard Luck Gossage and its a collector’s item if you want to know how advertising worked back in the 40's through the 60's. he is hailed as the Socrates of San-fransisco and an Iconoclast in the Mad Men Era.
  4. Hey Whipple, Squeeze this —Luke Sullivan, this is an advertiser/marketer/copywriter’s bible. it explains in great detail all the good, bad and ugly ads that stood out in the era. Its a long read and definitely the one you should have read if you are working in an area remotely related to marketing/copy-writing/advertising!
  5. Think Like a Freak — Stevin Levitt/ Dubner. I’m a follower of Levitt’s work through his previous two books and a handful of research work/articles online. this book was a kind of let-down in the sense, he tries to summarize and ends up repeating most of the content from his earlier books. Still a decent read if you like his previous works.
  6. What If — Randall Munroe, I started following XKCD only about 5–6 years ago and What If is a compilation of several blog posts of his reader queries. Munroe tingles that imaginative part in your brain and makes you feel like sitting on high speed rotating tennis ball! Physics, Quick Math, Common Sense and myths busted!
  7. How Not to be Wrong — Jordan Ellenberg, For all those marketers who believe in research and consumer behavior. Jordan explains in detail several fallacies that happen in our day -to-day lives while measuring and planning things related to computation and mathematics. How elections are not representative of choices?, How to armor proof airplanes etc. If you are into analytics and computations, i recommend you to read this twice at-least. and don’t be frustrated when you start seeing the obvious errors at your work’s place after reading this.
  8. The Logic of Life — Tim Harford, Many of you would be aware of the dear economist columns and this book is a long and extensive boringly written responses to many logic in life. his Dear Economist and Undercover economist are much better and easy to read.
  9. The Happiness of Pursuit — Chris Gullibeau, Chris Gullibeau is the authot of the non-conformity blog has visited 193 countries by age 35 while working. he shares his little snippets for travel, work and writing through some examples. Also famous for his 100$ startup book (Which i haven’t read yet). This is his 3rd book and i guess i was unlucky to pick this up. it is a different kind of self-help book with extra-ordinary examples that shape up one’s ambition.
  10. Pirlo — Andrea Pirlo. Autobiography of a man who says he was playing Playstation on the day of the World Cup Final against France. Italian footballer, Midfield maestro who played with elegance. he recollects his days and cherishes his experience of playing football for Milan, Juventus and the Italian National Team. ( Footballers and Fans cannot hate this Man or his book)
  11. I am Zlatan — Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Born and raised in Malmo, Sweden, Ibrahimovic recollects a lot of his struggles in early days, his family, his behavioral problems as a child and how he finally made it as the greatest footballer on the planet( That’s how he calls himself). In an interview, he responds to an question when asked What is his gift to his Wife’s birthday, he says” She has me, I am the gift”. Arrogance personified. you understand and like him better when you read where that stems from.
  12. Anti-fragile — Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I am big fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and a believer in theories of chaos and randomness. I have read and loved his previous two books, Fooled by Randomness and Black Swan. However, Anti-fragile continues from where he left in black Swam and he talks about building systems that benefit from fragility of their building blocks. in simple terms, how cells are broken down to build stronger ones in body building.
  13. Emails from a MadMan — Jarod O.Kintz — Certain books which you lay you hands upon after reading a particular quote or reference and then end up getting disappointed.

there are few other books i have not mentioned since i couldn't complete them or couldn't re-collect at the time of writing this. Currently Im reading Nate Silver, “ The Signal and the Noise” and the complete works of Mark Twain. Will review my prior Read list in the next article.

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