DAO PlayMarket2.0 adviser — Chandler Guo

One of the famous cryptoinvestors Chandler Guo supports our project and is an adviser of the DAO PlayMarket2.0!

On the official Chandler Guo’s web-site said:
“Chandler Guo is Angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic startups Bitangel including Btc123.com Bitbank.com Bw.com Bitfund.pe Richfund.pe etcchain.com qtum.org bither.net”

His opinion about the DAO PlayMarket2.0: 
“I have been engaged in the field of cryptocurrency for a long time, so I can confidently state about the great possibilities of the PlayMarket 2.0 platform. Everyone knows the advantages of the world of digital currencies, the main one of which is the absence of any external control both in use and in production. More and more people are attracted to the delicious possibilities of the crypto sphere, in particular crowdfunding with cryptocurrencies. The project is interesting not only in terms of investments, it will also be especially attractive for developers. Developers can not only place their applications for users, but at the same time create and develop new apps using financial help from investors. And it is all on the same PlayMarket2.0 platform! In my opinion, the PlayMarket2.0 project is an interesting, innovative and very attractive solution for everyone”.

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