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At Playne Design we love typography, two of the designers are members of the ISTD, and as such were thrilled to see quite a few type based talks at Reasons To this year. Along with the talks there was a workshop with ex typekit creative director Elliot Jay Stocks which we sent Ade along to. Below is his round up of the workshop and the type talks from Reasons To.

Elliot Jay Stocks — Advanced Typography for the Web & Print

The workshop, which took place the day before the Reasons To conference, was held at Lighthouse. The aim of the workshop was to go through the specifics of selecting, developing and implementing type in both printed matter and on the web. It was aimed at both new and experienced professionals.

Throughout the day Elliot gave advice on best practices in choosing a typeface and keeping options limited in order to create a great base to work from. By getting the group to practice what they had learnt at various points throughout the day it was a great way to make sure we fully understood the points. In the morning it was more of a focus on the selection, in the afternoon we moved on to the implementation and refinement of typographic styles. This included correct punctuation usage and best practice in setting type as well as how to translate this to the web. Overall the workshop was practical and informative and Elliott’s delivery was great.

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Reasons To 2017

Full of diverse topics, Reasons To was a brilliant mix of creatives and developers. From machine learning and AI to creating a portfolio of work you love and everything in between. Over the three days there were a number of typographic inspired sessions either in their topics or from creatives who have had a career focusing on it.

Elliot Jay Stocks
Elliot’s talk was a fantastic look in to how he brought his side projects like Lagom, Other Form and his involvement with Colonna into his day to day work. What this has led Elliot to be able to achieve is a much better balance with his working and home life whilst pursuing his passions.

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Vic Lee
Vic’s talk was a brilliantly funny insight into his work and how he’s gone from fixing up cars as a teenager to being flown out to LAX to create a huge mural for Virgin Atlantic. A particular highlight of Vic’s talk is what he creates when he travels. Detailed illustrations that act as diaries to document where he has been on each day. These can sometimes be small pieces but often ended up as larger scale mural-esque pieces which keep a record of the amazing things he has been able to experience through his work.

Frank Rausch
This was a more detailed look at integrating the finer points of typography into apps. Frank walked through the level of typographic refinement that he put into his iOS app, V for Wikipedia. What was particularly great from his talk was just how small the refinements throughout were. From thin spaces between numerals and the m for metres to the use of the built in face recognition to alter image placement, ensuring no bad crops of images. The best bit, Frank even shared some the underlying code to be able to use these refinements too.

Mark Boulton
Fellow ISTD member Mark gave an insight into his career and where he is now as well as the way he works. What was interesting to see was how his attitude to work has changed and how the other elements of his life impact this. What particularly stuck out was his large collection of bonsai trees

Erik Spiekermann
Another longstanding ISTD member, Erik’s talk was nothing short of fun and fast paced. Detailing his working process and giving a glimpse behind some of his projects. From detailing the type to showing how he implemented a structure and grid throughout an entire brand. Eriks talks are always brilliant and full of little pieces that make it interesting for new creatives and seasoned professionals alike.

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