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App updates are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

👨‍💻 A first look at Playpost for Publishers

Playpost for Publishers is a new way for your audience to digest your articles and integrates neatly with our app for iOS and Android.

With Playpost for Publishers, you can add audio articles to your website with minimal effort. Even automate the whole process by integrating it in your workflow of publishing new articles. So you can grow your audience by giving…

In this update:

👨‍💻 Save articles to your playlist from your computer

With the “Save to Playpost” desktop browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera you can now save articles from your computer to your playlist. Just browse to an article and press the Playpost logo in your browser.

If you are subscribed to a website that requires a login to read articles, then this browser extension is something you’ll like. …

In this update:

Get the Playpost iOS App for free in the Apple App Store.

🚀 Full control over voice’s speed

We’ve noticed some users find the voices talk too fast, or too slow. Today we have good news for you! Where podcast and audiobook apps usually offer just a few speed options, Playpost now gives you full control over how fast a voice speaks to you… — Instant podcasts of every article

Create your own playlist of articles and listen to them on the go with a custom voice you like. Just like podcasts and audiobooks:

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