Kill Zone — 8on8 Flag Football Plays — FlagSpin

Kill Zone is a modification of one of our teams most effective 8on8 flag football plays, with multiple options short, deep and on the run. It’s highly effective with an above average runner as your primary QB (check out these QB tips here), but you don’t have to be the best athlete in the world to make it an effective play.

This particular 8on8 flag football play starts with the quarterback determining which way the rusher will be coming from, and running away from him, with the center picking up his backside by blocking the rusher. If he doesn’t get a good block, the play won’t be very effective, so it’s highly important to have a center who’s capable of blocking at a high level. If there are multiple rushers, then the QB can pick either side and just tip the center off as to which way he’ll be rolling.

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