Google removed more than 60,000 apps on Play Store

For the purpose of cleaning up the Google Play Store android, Google Inc. has aggressively removed more than 60,000 poor-quality apps or applications that do not meet the criteria set by Google. This is Google’s careful purification to provide users with a more enjoyable app experience.

Google removed more than 60,000 apps on Play Store (1)

Nearly 10 percent of applications on the Google Play store are deleted

This is not the first time that Google has drastically removed apps from the Play Store application repository. But this elimination is the largest ever. Most removed applications are music applications, or applications that allow you to download copyrighted material for free; especially, some apps only have ads that are annoying and needless for the users. You can read more: Download play store for android devices

Google removed more than 60,000 apps on Play Store (2)

To focus on the quality of apps on the Play Store, Google has made a number of deals with software developers on the application store namely:

- Do not post advertising content repetitively.

- Product descriptions should not be misleading, do not intentionally upload keywords for the purpose of bringing the application to the top of the Play Store.

- Software developers should not try to change the position of any application on the rankings and are not permitted to provide incentive packages to the users to bribe them to evaluate an application with a higher or lower score.

- All applications created by automated tools or tutorial applications are not allowed to post to the Play Store.

And some other rules that Google has made in the hope that this adjustment will improve the quality of applications available on the Play Store.