The biggest Hollywood mystery of 2017 is being questioned online, and ignored by mass media
Firas Durri

I don’t have any actual information about the holdup, but I have a theory — based on my experience in Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cancellation was ordered (perhaps due to the overall poor reception of the movie?) by the rights holders (whomever that may be) in Japan.

Despite all their wonderful acumen, in business and in life in general (I’ve lived here for almost 10 years, I love the place and he people dearly), PR is not their forte. Compounding this is the fact that Japanese consumers are *very* understanding of other peoples’ issues, and don’t have the same level of disillusionment with regards to and disdain for decisions made by corporations — they (for the most part) think about the people behind the corporate decision and empathize with them.

In this case, the *assumed* burden on the decision-making entity to explain their reasoning for this situation would *feel* markedly less than that of someone who grew up and operated in the hyper-communicative, date I say low-context society of the West.