What I Write About When I Write About Writing

For me, it can’t be about you

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My mornings are a damn struggle.

Here’s the current state of affairs — let me break it down for you:

I wake up, clear my head (often with little success), and start to write.

Some writing finds it’s place, impeccably, in neat little spaces like this.

Some writing is done with purpose in mind, to fit certain spaces just perfectly.

“Some writing is inspired from what I’ve learned from others.” — Like famous creators, gurus, (recently) Tim Ferriss, LOTS of Neal Stephenson science fiction, and others.

Some writing crowds and straddles spaces, like this. It just won’t fit well anywhere, you know?

Oftentimes, my writing is very meta. I’m on a sort of self-analysis vision quest, as it were.
else before, and I’m reiterating it here.

Here’s what I’m shooting for, though:

Something calm. And simple.

If I’m lucky, as a result of my efforts, I’ll be able to calm my mind, and distill my thoughts into simple words and sentences.

If I can do this, I’ll be on the path to write something for me.

Then, if I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to write something for you, too.

This was the first effort of creative self-expression I’ve embarked upon in a very long time. It’s also the first in recent memory where I felt uninhibited by the desire to create for those other than myself. The inspiration — which I’m hoping will continue to flow for some time — came from watching some late night fights, a bit of mid-day exhaustion, and the wonderful teachings of Josh Waitzkin.

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