Tealeaf Week 14 Results

The 57th Grammy’s, Better Call Saul Premiere, Sports & much much more.


This week we had 32 players and had an average score of 58% on the 17 questions. The hardest question was Beck’s underdog Grammy victory for Morning Phase (9% correct) and the easiest question was #4 Duke annhiliating #10 Notre Dame (94% correct).


Overall: Peter Machtiger and Will Scheving
Sports: Gary Power and Ethan Winchell
Entertainment: Peter Machtiger, Kim Bedier and Cody Simons
Current Events: Peter Machtiger and Will Scheving


  • T-1st — Will Scheving, Peter Machtiger (76.5%)
  • T-3rd — Reed Simmons, Gary Power, Bradford, George Rose, Richard Andersen (70.6%)
  • T-7th — Dallas Simons, Cody Simons, Manny Cominsky, RoseMary Safranek, Bill Beck, Kyle Leavitt, Parker Sebastian, Bruce Taylor (64.7%)
  • T-15th — Ethan Winchell, Jake Moore, Russ Sauve, Kevin Hernandez, Mike McGee, Jack Lamir, Mike Wooley (58.8%)
  • T-22nd — Tom Schadewald, Dylan Winchell, T.B. Edwards, Dan McD (52.9%)
  • T-26th — Kim Bedier, Travis Downs (47.1%)
  • T-28th — Chris Satterthwaite, Adam Liebman (41.2%)
  • T-30th — Austin Williams, Nat Miller (35.3%)
  • 32nd — Manny’s Dad (29.4%)
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