Euro-2016 stimulates the creation of new slots

One of the major football events — UEFA European Football Championship — literally forcing game developers to create themed slots in large quantities. And in anticipation of the start of Euro 2016 new games began to appear with crazy speed. This madness has involved not only the developers of the games but even online casinos, it seems that each of them do their best to support their teams. For instant one of the polish services has posted a huge article POLSKA NA EURO 2016 — JAKIE MAMY SZANSĘ (Poland — we have a chance) dedicated to the national football team.

This feast of football spirit has not spared Wazdan developer. Especially for the European Championship guys have launched a new slot Kick Off. Here, of course, they were original and moved away from the traditional scheme with drums and rows. The game has three tough football players who hit the balls to help the user to collect three with the same number. Winning depends on the size of a bet. The range of the slot balls values of one to seven, as well as wild (bonus, lucky, joker — choose any terminology you wish). In addition, the game has a golden ball, and it is much better than those that Messi has.

Also, among joined to the flash mob “Make the slot for Euro-2016” is the provider Genesis Gaming. They added to their portfolio of games — Euro Golden Cup, running on multiple platforms, and excellent compatibility with both the computer and the mobile phone. Slot literally stuffed the variety of features and bonuses. So, you can increase the win after hitting the targets or get 15 free spins with wild symbols. During the final Gold level (in football everyone loves gold) the player has five penalty kicks, and each spent knowingly penalty brings him solid money.

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