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Suicide Squad is now in Theatres

A thought has crossed my mind. Hear me out.

  • * Possible SPOILERS for Suicide Squad maybe? I’ve yet to see the film.**
  • Update: I’ve seen most of the film. Unless you’re a comic book movie fan, avoid it.
  • Another update: I’ve watched it twice. Some things have become clearer for me. Still not a good movie.

I’m not one for comic books, but I enjoy the movies they inspire- to an extent. Movies like Thor (1 & 2) and B v S bore me and sadly have little depth. The same concern arises for Suicide Squad, especially over the sheer amount of content released prior to the film. That’s never a good sign. I’ve read Suicide Squad reviews and I’ve heard my fair share of informed opinions from those I know. While hearing these concerns and praises, an idea emerged.

Jared Leto’s Joker


It’s been widely reported Jared Leto’s rendition of the Joker barely has screen time (accurate- but hardly anyone has a lot of screen time in this film). I’m a big fan of Leto as an actor and musician, and this development irks me, considering he’s a massive part of the film’s marketing campaign. The Joker is the pinnacle of DC villains. Why create a film in which his role is small while focusing on lesser characters masses will ignore?

Critics are saying Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn steals every scene she’s in (Update: Sort of true. I grew up watching Batman. This Quinn just isn’t good like that Quinn). She did the same in Wolf of Wall Street. So, if fans love the Joker and critics love Harley Quinn, why not have best of both worlds? I’m sure this will occur down the line, but hear me out.

In Suicide Squad, Will Smith’s Deadshot is heavily focused upon as “world’s most dangerous assassin”. However, little is provided portraying that truth. Why not have a story spun around Deadshot, Batman, Robin, The Joker, and Harley Quinn?


Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn are exploring Gotham, asserting themselves as the baddest around. Killing, robbing, destroying- anything to really rustle some feathers. Through these misgivings, Deadshot is hired by an unnamed enemy of Joker to kill him.

Batman hears of Deadshot’s intentions to kill his sworn enemy. With the moral high ground, Batman finds saving Joker is the best option, rather than letting him die. This would be a strong narrative from Batman’s perspective.

Batman approaches Joker and a close combat fight ensues. Eventually, Batman is able to communicate with Joker that his life's in danger. Nearing the end of this conversation, Deadshot reveals himself to be watching this exchange from a distance the entire time. He shoots The Joker, gravely injuring but not killing him.

Batman brings Joker to the batcave, along with Quinn, to restore his health and save his life. They concoct a plan to capture Deadshot and bring him into custody. This is where Robin comes in.

In order to discover Deadshot while Batman and Joker are baiting him, Robin must search diligently for Deadshot amongst rooftops, the most likely area for a sniper. Robin finds Deadshot, only to discover a dummy decoy. Something is amiss. Robin continues to find Deadshot decoys all over Gotham, with no real sight of the true Deadshot.

Batman is shot. several times.

Will Smith’s Deadshot

Deadshot was underneath Batman and Joker, in a grate (Think the Arkham video game franchise, how Batman could crouch into grates and stun his enemies). Batman didn’t anticipate this development.

Turns out, Joker was the one whom initially hired Deadshot to take his life as a ruse to lure Batman into a vulnerable physical and mental state.

With Batman dying, Robin is thrusted into a bigger role, now tasked with protecting his mentor and defeating Deadshot, Joker, and Quinn.

Robin brashly begins chasing the villainous trio, to no avail. They simply outsmart him at every turn. Tired and anguished, Robin, with the help of Alfred and a recovering Batman, concoct a plan to lure all three threats at once. This is where things kind of get gimmicky, since this whole idea is poorly fleshed out creation from about twenty or so minutes prior to this writing.

Batman designs an A.I. capable of imitating Batman himself. With “Robot Batman” in tow, Robin ventures through Gotham, in hopes of exposing Joker. Joker gets wind of Batman’s return, and decides it’s time to stop playing games. He’s sick of cat and mouse in the shadows. He wants flash.

First comes Quinn, with whom Robin has a physical altercation with. He defeats her, but not without injury. Bruised and bleeding, Robin ventures forth. Robot Batman, controlled by Batman in the Batcave, speeds around the city searching for Deadshot. Robot Batman discovers what appears to be Deadshot, only to realize it’s a decoy. All around are decoys, singing, laughing, crying. Turns out, these decoys aren’t just puppets. They’re real, innocent people, trapped into place and armed to the brim with explosives.

Ben Affleck’s Batman

Batman knows the choice ahead of him. He feels Robin is danger. The last time this occurred, Batman himself was nearly killed. He too knows Gotham is in unbeknownst peril. Either return to Robin and protect him, or disarm the bombs and save many. He chooses, not without hesitation to save Gotham over his boy wonder.

With Robin alone, The Joker pops up. He begins toying with Robin, poking at his masculinity, his lack of power, and his outfit. Robin charges at the Joker. A shot fires. Deadshot was just above the scene, aiming directly for Robin. There lies Batman’s sidekick, bleeding out on the pavement. The Joker cackles, spraying some words onto Robin’s chest. The death of Robin was the Joker’s ultimate goal all along.

several shots from Batman V Superman

Batman finds Robin, murdered. Deadshot, a man of many facets, regrets the murder. He sees the pain Batman feels for Robin, a sort of father son relationship. Deadshot feels the same for his daughter, and empathizes with Batman. Batman proceeds to relentlessly beat Deadshot into submission, abandoning the moral high ground he once kept. Battered and bloody, Deadshot is taken to Arkham to rot. This explains why Batman is the way he is within Batman V Superman.

The Joker never wished for the death of Batman. His only goal was to destroy him from within. He succeeded.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a better movie than Suicide Squad? You be the judge.

P.S. this is the best Suicide Squad trailer. All the others simply ruined the suspense.

Suicide Squad is out now. Michael O’Mara is a twenty two year old student at Kutztown University. You can visit his website or email him. Really whatever the hell you want.

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