Learning to Adapt With Technology

Playtness’ Co-founder & CTO, Ido Orenshtein, talks about the machine learning and adaptive technology for a more personalized, engaged and involved fitness journey.

Machine learning and adaptive technology come together

Machine learning and adaptive technology are two major buzzwords of 2018. Machine learning, ML for short, is an innovation through which computers learn through experience with given tasks, without directly being programmed to do so. As a computer program performs assigned tasks, it “learns” who to optimally operate, improving its performance on similar tasks in the future. Machine learning systems use adaptive technology based on intelligent algorithms, to determine the most suitable actions to be taken in any given situation. The comparison of the adaptive technology’s algorithms is the process that enables the machine to learn and “adapt” to the situation and environment at hand.

Machine learning and adaptive technology come together to create smart, adaptive learning capabilities that are driving the modern business and its operations.

Playtness — Adaptive learning to create the ultimate fitness community

Playtness is creating a unique fitness community, whose members come together to help one another and drive each other’s — and their own, success. To do so, members of the Playtness ecosystem must be equipped with the latest knowledge on user needs and demands — what motivates participation and what boosts interactions and transactions.

Enter adaptive learning, as used by Playtness to enlighten and position its community members for fitness industry success.

Playtness combines gathered user data with machine learning technologies, proven motivation building & incentivizing models, and adaptive gamification techniques to identify and activate the perfect stimuli that will boost trainee motivation, identify common training mistakes, improve the training experience and motivate trainees to reach their fitness goals.

This is done by building precise training programs, preventing injuries, updating training programs according to users’ results, and more.

Adaptive learning processes also equip trainers, gyms and vendors with the data they need to drive interactions and transactions between them and other ecosystem members. The technology behind the Playtness Alliance Platform will constantly collect and analyze data from all ecosystem users (anonymously). Data composed from biofeedback, each trainee’s overall progression, user surveys and other gathered information will enable the platform to discern between the needs, desires and behaviors of different user demographics, including gender, location and more to improve individual trainee workout experiences, maximize training efficiency and optimize and adapt workouts for better results — a win-win for all ecosystem members.

What’s more? Any data sold will result in the direct and immediate compensation of the data’s creators.

The Future of Fitness is Upon Us

The technology behind the Playtness Alliance Platform

The synthesis of machine learning and adaptive technology to create adaptive learning capabilities is the future of smart business operations — and the force behind Playtness’ innovative flavor and promise for a more successful, lucrative fitness industry. By integrating these advances into a single, unified fitness product, Playtness is able to place the power of knowledge into the hands of those capable of driving fitness-related success, enabling each and every member of the Playtness community and ecosystem to achieve their fitness goals.

Ido Orenshtein

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