The Future of Digital Transactions — Vol 2

Learn how Playtness is making cryptocurrency accessible for mass market consumption

4. Establishment of a mutually invested network- the Playtness ecosystem

Playtness ecosystem

As mentioned above, Playtness’ ecosystem members are all mutually interested and invested in continually working to ensure the fitness industry’s success — by introducing new users to the Playtness Alliance Platform and creating new business opportunities and sources of revenue using PT tokens. A win for one is a win for all.

By enabling unprecedented access ​to personalized fitness regime planning, workout progress tracking, access to global fitness trainers, celebrities and product and service vendors and the fun and interactive Stigo game, ​Playtness ​enables all members of the fitness ecosystem to come together, fulfill each other’s needs and mutually benefit each other.

5. Personalization

Personalized user experience

Currently, the crypto market is highly impersonal. However, mass market consumers crave and demand a personalized user experience. To introduce crypto to the mass market, the ease of crypto exchanges must be integrated with excellent personalization.

Playtness combines gathered user data with machine learning technologies, proven motivation building & incentivizing models, and adaptive gamification techniques to identify and activate the perfect stimuli that will motivate trainees to reach their fitness goals. Personal workout regimes are created automatically and backed by personal trainer input and behavioral models. They are tailored to each specific trainee, to help the trainee meet personal fitness goals, with real-time program updating to match each workout results. This powerful combination dynamically augments the entire fitness journey for the trainee, so that they keep hitting the gym and making PT transactions through the Playtness Alliance Platform.

6. The ability to exchange crypto for real products and services

Exchange crypto for real products

Finally, though alluded to above, what is truly driving the introduction of crypto to the mass market is the ability of Playtness ecosystem members to exchange PT tokens for real sports, nutrition and fitness products and services — mass market commodities and necessities. By creating a dedicated token for the fitness industry, the use of crypto for mass market purchases is seamlessly enabled — one vertical at a time & one workout at a time.

With the help of Playtness, everybody is going to be a crypto holder!

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