To Blockchain Or Not To Blockchain

A business model built on the evolving crypto exchange

Blockchain takes the sharing economy to the next level

The sharing economy has experienced tremendous growth in the past ten years. From ride-sharing (Uber) and accommodation sharing (Airbnb) to personal item sharing (Omni Storage), consumers are looking to make more fluid, liquid transactions and exchanges. At the same time, they want these rentals and purchases to be as transparent and secure as possible.

Enter Blockchain, incorruptible technology capable of documenting, classifying, authentication valuing and even insuring items consumers wish to exchange. This evolution of consumerism to integrate Blockchain into a sharing economy is creating a new normal regarding the way we view ownership, material possessions and experiencing. One in which all members of a particular sharing economy are mutually interested and invested in each others’ success.

After all, sharing is caring. A win-win for all.

For example: think of a tiny computer that connects to a large, far-reaching network. Next to it are more computers; so many you can’t keep count. As demands reach the network, relevant computers begin to fire off responses, auto executing commands, all the while keeping track of the specific tasks they need to handle. No more, no less.

But how does Blockchain actually drive Playtness’ business model?

PT token, a new cryptocurrency backed by Blockchain technology

With Playtness, fitness ecosystem members enjoy a Blockchain-backed token economy, creating trust and security while significantly reducing the possibility of fraud or theft. Minimal transaction fees encourage all members of the fitness ecosystem to keep earning and spending their PT tokens.

Playtness PT token, a new cryptocurrency backed by Blockchain technology and smart contracts (more on them in our previous post), gives trainees, personal trainers, fitness facilities, advertisers and third-party developers a seamless and decentralized crypto-exchange platform to engage in fitness ecosystem transactions. PT’s are deployed as ​ERC20 ​tokens ​on ​the ​Ethereum ​network.

Blockchain thus creates the infrastructure behind the Playtness business model.

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