The U.S. Army Lost Track of $6.5 Trillion
War Is Boring

Hold on, Steve Dutch has a good point. You make it sound like the Army really did lose track of $6.5 T. They didn’t. They lost track of their much smaller budget in astoundingly complex and overlapping ways.

If I dropped a single carton of eggs on my kitchen floor and wrongly guessed that there were 140 broken eggs, only an imbecile would run off shouting “Man Breaks 140 Eggs on Floor” and that “Those 140 eggs were just the start.”

There is no $6.5 T for them to have lost track of. You make this distinction at one point, but by your conclusion, you’re again referring to “This $6.5 trillion,” which doesn’t exist in the first place.

The story here is that the Army can’t untangle its finances, not that they “lost” a bunch of imaginary money. Next time stick to the story and skip the clickbait.

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