Guideline For Reading Quran:

There is only one God — The Rank 36: 1–4, The Prophets 21: 108, The Cave 18: 110, The Spider 29: 46. The difficulties in understanding the words of God- Yasin 36: 9 and 10, The Tunder 13: 17, The Children of Israel 17: 46.

Not every aspect of the word of God was entirely made clear to mankind, some are clear while some are sealed (under cover) until the last day of man’s ignorant. Who ever said before they understand every aspect of the Quran as God dictated it to Prophet Mohammed before now is an agent provocateur- The family of Imran 3: 7. The Torah, The Bible and the Quran were handed over to mankind as a guide for her everyday living and development-The Family of Imran 3: 3 and 4. Force must not be applied in the spread of the word of God and Godliness; it takes the will of God for a people to understand God- Jona 10: 99 and 100.

There is liberty in the worship of God- Those who reject faith or unbelievers 109: 1–6. Wars, fighting and killing of man by man would have been over before now if God had so directed it, -The heifer 2: 253. Jesus Christ is not God — The table spread 5: 116 and 117. Prophets of God can only reveal messages God passed on to them- The Cattle 6: 50. God will judge all aspect of differences between the religious lifestyles on the last day — The Pilgrimage 22: 17 and 69. The truth in the word of God will be made known to mankind- Sad 38: 88.

The Prophets of God are human like every other human being –Prophets 21: 5 -10. God has no son, but servants He raised to the levels of honors- The Prophets 21: 26.

Jesus Christ is the new creation of God in place of the failed old man (Adam) The family of Imran 3: 59 and 60. The human soul — The Group or Crowds 39: 42. By whatever name we call Almighty God, it’s acceptable as long as we the caller like the Name –The Children of Israel 17: 110 , There are beings in the presence of God always- The prophets 21: 19. There are hierarches in heaven- Sad 38: 69 and 70

Every prophecy God handed over to man is time limited-The Cattle 6: 66 and 67.

Charity to our neighbors — The Night 92: 1 -21, Mankind cannot question the actions of God, — The prophets 21: 23, God always warn man before He carries out an action on mankind- The poet 26: 208, Almighty God communicates wisdom to mankind as He pleases, the Prophet of God who has more of this Spirit was Jesus Christ- The Children of Israel 17: 85, The Table Spread 5: 110. Hints on Gods plans to create a new kingdom in place of the Hebrew Nation- the Cattle 6: 89 and 90, the light 24: 55, The consequent of the Hebrews breaking the covenant they had with God-The Woman 4: 155 to 160.

The earth belongs to God and everything that is in it- The Family of Imran3: 73. The language of a prophet of God is the language his people and audience can understand- Abraham 14: 4. For a people to receive the intervention of God in their affair, they must first experience a period of challenges suffering and difficulties- The Heights 6: 94.

The resurrection of the dead is a day when the Sun and the Moon would come together in unity as one. The Sun and the Moon here is an allegory depicting the houses of the two sons of Abraham Ishmael and Isaac between whom God entered a covenant- The Resurrection 75: 9 and 10.

The “The Day of The Lord” is an inevitable event mankind cannot avoid — The Inevitable event 54: 1 to 6. In one hour man would come to recognize the mystery that is God- Jonah 10: 45. On “The Day of the Lord” When the caller or speaker from the moon (Television) shall drew mankind attention to an affair they have been waiting for but do not understand how it would come about.- The Moon 54: 6 to 8.

When the helper comes and mankind suddenly understanding the word of God, Let everyone give the praises to God- Help 110: 1 to 3. So much fear (Hyperboles) was applied in compiling the word of God to make mankind adhere strictly to every word in it; It turn out this literary style end up increasing transgressions among man — The Children of Israel 17: 59 and 60.

The word of God as it was handed over to mankind is like water bubbles or foam on top the body of water, when the bubbles is washed away by a torrent it lives behind it only clean and clear water, it’s like an iron ore that needed to be heated before it could be converted to ornaments and utensils of any type and shape and size. What this meant is that the word of God in the form it was handed to mankind is raw for it to be useful to mankind, man has to decipher what the word of God meant or represents, It is like taking Iron ore through spontaneous combustion before it could be useful to mankind for making ornament and utensils of any shape type and size- The Thunder 13: 17.

Excesses shouldn’t be committed in the name of Godliness- the Woman 4: 171. Mankind should not ask irrelevant questions — The Table Spread 5: 101. There is liberty in religion — The Unbelievers or (Al-Kafirun) The fate of all places of worship- The News (Al- Naba) 78: 19 and 20.

The earth was created by God to be inhabited by mankind; man is not going away from the earth– The News (Al-Naba) 78: 6. Mankind was created in pairs for reproduction- The News (Al-Naba) 78: 8.

The word trumpet sound is not sound from trumpets; it is a reference to media developments at the coming of the servant of God, Television, Radios, Internet, Newspapers, Smart- phones etc. The News (Al-Naba) 78: 18, 38 and 39.

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