We gather the fruits of our life

This is a guest post by Sabastine Ofurum

Mankind over the age have made his earth a treacherous ground, the earth, is bestowed with so much abundance enough for all mankind to share in co-operation with the Almighty God. Day to day thoughts are released into the air, it’s not all these thoughts that are productive, some are productive while others are counterproductive. These thoughts released as energies attract consequences; the positive attracts positive results while the negatives ones attract negative results.

It is important that we see in true perspective, the fruits we must gather as a consequence of our action.When we see crime in our world and the areas at which most of them get committed; we must begin to understand where the magnetic forces of such wrongs have their strongest force-field. These force-fields drift and float increasing or decreasing in strength and mass depending on how frequently and strongly like-forces are released into them. Yet, mercy does work out for the sons of light and from the sons of lights on earth. For it is their good luminous will that help in breaking up the dark clouds.

Let us therefore, begin today to once again consider what we do with our free will, and in praying that we be delivered from evil, let us ensure that we do not contribute to the further growth of evil. Those who permit themselves to emit the vibration of fear, anger, viciousness, hatred and injustice may draw to themselves in small or large measures the exact type of quality of negation they permitted into our earth’s atmosphere.

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