In These Uncertain Times, Public Media Should Stand Up for Truth and Democracy
Rekha Murthy

“Public media should see ourselves as a part of civil society, not just distanced observers”

The media is hardly a distant observer; indeed it discredited itself with partisan ‘reportage’ weighted polls, and outright suppression of the truth.

How about promoting the lie from the Hillary Clinton camp that Russia were working with Wikileaks; that it was Russia who were hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign. (do your research before answering that question) How about, debate moderators giving questions ahead of the debates to Clinton. Shall I continue, or you get the picture. This is how the public see the media; so why not go out and ask them what you need to do right next time, instead of all this intellectual gymnastics that blame the winners for running as if they could lose, than back a candidate who ran as if she could only win.

If the media is to recover any shred of credibility it needs to own up to it’s own failure as become an impartial observer and report the damned facts.


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