Top Brexit Cheerleader Nigel Farage Rocks Up at Trump Tower

Nigel Farage turned up at Trump Tower on Friday afternoon despite saying earlier in the day that he didn’t expect to meet with President-elect Donald Trump during a brief visit to New York City.

Trump is ‘busy with other stuff,’ the cheerleader for the summertime Brexit vote told the Press Association in Great Britain.

As he ran for president, Trump cited the campaign’s surprising victory as a leading indicator of his own likelihood of winning the White House.

The former UK Independence Party leader said he would be meeting members of the controversial tycoon’s team but that he was ‘not expecting an invite’ to Trump Tower.

He entered the building shortly before 3:00 p.m. and got into an elevator without speaking to the assembled press.

Nigel Farage visited Trump Tower Thursday afternoon, after telling a PA reporter that he didn’t expect to be invited for a meeting with Donald Trump while he was in New York

Nigel Farage tells me he’s in New York but has no plans to meet Donald Trump because he’s “busy with other stuff”. 1/2
— Arj Singh (@singharj) December 15, 2016
Farage will be meeting members of Trump’s team. On the man himself: “If the Queen asks me for tea I’ll go but I’m not expecting an invite.”
— Arj Singh (@singharj) December 15, 2016

Farage told the PA he was ‘catching up with old friends who are part of his team, doing a bit of Christmas shopping, no plans to meet the great man at all, he’s busy with other stuff.’

He added: ‘If the Queen asks me for tea I’ll go, but I’m not expecting an invite.’

Last month Farage embarrassed Theresa May after being pictured laughing and smiling in a gold-plated lift with the president-elect at Trump Tower.

Later, Mr Trump shocked Westminster with a late-night tweet declaring that Farage would do a ‘great job’ as Britain’s ambassador to the US and that ‘many people’ wanted to see him as the UK’s senior diplomat in Washington.

Farage was expected to meet with members of Trump’s team but said he didn’t plan to be at Trump Tower itself — yet he arrived and went up the elevators without talking to the press

But Downing Street brushed off suggestions that he could act as a go-between between the UK and Trump, insisting there was ‘no vacancy.’

Asked if Farage not receiving an invitation to see Trump on his current New York trip represented a downgrade in relations, a UKIP source said: ‘Hardly. He doesn’t expect the president-elect to be on call, nor does anyone.’

‘Nigel has been going to the States for years and will continue to do so,’ the source added.

Asked if Downing Street was worried about Farage’s influence with Trump, a Number 10 spokesman said: ‘No.’

Published: 14:31 EST, 15 December 2016 | Updated: 15:43 EST, 15 December 2016

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