People Link Medium Articles Like They Aren’t Just Weird Blog Posts.

Everyone is posting Medium articles on my Facebook wall in the same way they do articles from legitimate sources. This isn’t a legitimate source of anything. Anyone can write these articles and they don’t have to be fact checked or true.

Check this out.

Dinosaurs never existed. Trump has never lied. My uncle works at Nintendo and gave me a switch so can play the new Zelda game whenever I want.

I wish I had money.

Anyone can write anything they want on here.

This website is okay, but it’s not a news source. Also, a lot of people here seem to be looking for the most extreme position possible on everything, and I have to read it because my friends are all ding dongs but I like them enough to read the things they post.

You can read Michael Sweater’s comics that aren’t him whining on a shitty pseudo blog at @pleasekeepwarm on instagram.

Bring back Xanga.