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Pleb Capital
3 min readMar 4, 2023

In the last few years, we have witnessed the increase of Venture Capital actors in the blockchain space, which was initially community-centered, cypherpunk, but also an alternative to traditional finance.

VC’s big players have strongly contributed to the expansion of blockchain and the emergence of incredible projects. But we have also witnessed the emergence of a certain elite who fund ghost projects bought in seed phases, and then promote them to the public so that they can find a demand for these frauds.

Pleb Revolution starts now.

“In ancient Rome, the plebeians (also called plebs) were the general body of free Roman citizens who were not part of the elite”

For the community

Pleb Capital wants to give back the primacy over the blockchain environment to the community. And we didn’t stop at the stage of wanting, rather we thought of concrete and effective tools to do so.

We designed a hybrid model linking traditional Venture Capital and decentralized participatory funding.

The major issue we want to bypass is the fact that the first step of funding, namely seed phases/series A, is always only reserved for Venture Capital, insiders, and influencers. Thus, the community never had any access to it, and that in the whole crypto space history.

Pleb revolution was thought and designed to combine a solution giving the community a significant share of the market at the earliest stage.

We aim to fund innovative projects in the crypto sphere and be the first structure to truly allow and guarantee the community access to seed phases with us.

Pleb Capital is built differently, we don’t ask you to buy a token, we didn’t create nor want one, and we won’t consider or need one.

The community’s participation in the seed phases will be direct, without any conditions, complications, or useless costs.

United we stand, divided we fall.

We are willing to reunite our strengths, intelligence, and knowledge to directly compete with big actors.

For the projects

If your project is funded by Pleb Capital :

  • you participate directly to blockchain decentralization.
  • you build organic and healthy community growth starting from the first day of your project.
  • you participate in an innovative model of funding, with the best community inclusion.
  • you are labeled as trustworthy and will build a strong reputation in the space.
  • you avoid dangerous fraudulent capital and risky centralized funding.

Here’s an example illustrating our project:

> Pleb Capital wants to fund a new innovative project in DeFi, this project is called AliceChain.

> First, we reach AliceChain’s team to get all the informations we need about the project, then we discuss it with the community, and we proceed to a vote.

>If Pleb Capital community votes for the funding of the project, we negotiate its conditions with AliceChain’s team. If we fund AliceChain project with 200'000$, we give an allocation share of 100'000$ for the community funding, and the 100'000$ remaining will be from the Pleb Capital core angels team.

>Let’s say 500 members of the community want to participate in AliceChain’s series A funding; AliceChain will acquire 500 investors/community members on the day 1 of its seed phase, instead of only 1 investor, as it would be the case if it was funded with the old, centralized model of funding.

Knowing that our Pleb revolution might be very soon discredited and attacked by some shark influencers and actors, who will feel threatened by our new model, we tell them what Satoshi Nakamoto wisely once said:

“If you don’t believe us or don’t get it, we don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.”

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