Banking Sucks, so we Made it Great. Now let’s Fix Carbon.

  • First, we believe that in the near future every company will have to report on their environmental (and wider sustainability) footprint. Ultimately, they will also be required to take action in order to reduce and neutralise their climate impact. Drivers include increasing regulatory pressure (seen across both geographies and industries), greater collective awareness for climate change as well as the intrinsic motivation of company builders, executives and employees to drive change, for good.
  • Second, both the financial services and carbon industries have long been criticized for their difficulty of access and their opacity. For example, the lack of global standards in the carbon market makes it hard for companies without prior knowledge in the space to understand this complex system and what the benefits really are.
  • Finally, the high cost, minimum volume requirements and manual processes to traditionally measure and offset footprints with high quality carbon offsets have created incremental friction in the market. This has deterred (smaller) companies from entering the space and taking action on their climate impact.
  • Akin to open banking players powering critical solutions for businesses ranging from KYC to payments initiation, we set out to build the pipes to enable companies of every size to seamlessly access high quality climate solutions. These include robust footprint measurement tools and verified carbon removal offsets to understand and manage the climate impact of their products in the easiest and fastest way possible.
  • By applying a similar approach to purchasing carbon credits as we did to stocks at Revolut, Pledge is fractionalising access to carbon offsets and allowing businesses to only buy what they need. In addition, we offer portfolios encompassing a range of offsetting projects, removal technologies and geographies, in a similar fashion to how ETFs are constructed. That way, anyone can have access to the same services as the largest buyers in the market but without the friction.




Pledge makes it simple for businesses of every size to understand and manage the climate impact of their products.

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Pledge makes it simple for businesses of every size to understand and manage the climate impact of their products.

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