What stack are we using to power Missive? As an email/chat app where hundreds… thousands of events occur at any given time for a user… it must be crazy right? It must be magical.

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I wouldn’t go as far as saying that we have another dirty little secret, but we are as conservative on the back end as we are on the front end. The back end is mostly just plain Ruby workers and a RESTful Rails API.

We’re managing emails, live chat, live read/archived status for each team member on all conversations with mostly GET requests. How can we…

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We (Missive and Conference Badge team) went on one week work retreat to Italy. Check out this blog post to learn why and if it was worth it:

… or just check this video made by awesome Luis Manjarrez:

Jump to TL;DR at the end to see one easy change you can apply to your React code to get a free speedup. For more details, read on.

I work on Missive, a team email/chat client built with React. It uses a multi-column layout to display conversations. On ⬆︎️⬇ key presses, the app navigates to a new conversation. It needs to do so in as few milliseconds as possible to avoid any user-perceivable delay.

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A conversation can include hundreds of comments, emails, and events, all composed of multiple components. …

Animated gifs are really powerful at showcasing user interfaces. We use them a lot on the Missive website.

A lot of people have been asking how we create all of ours (e.g. blog posts, FAQ entries and changelog). I‘ve decided to share our flow, this is our 7 steps guide to create awesome animated .gif of your app:

  1. Open Quicktime Player, locate and activate the New Screen Recording tool.
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File > New Screen Recording

2. Hit the record button then select the screen region you want to capture. Try to limit the screen capture size and choose a background image with few colours. Keep…

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Last week we successfully relaunched Missive on Product Hunt. A couple of close friends asked us how it went, so instead of fragmenting our response, I will share the results and takeaways here.

TL;DR: We relauched on Product Hunt, and while doing so we created a small web app to help you do so, thehuntchecklist.com. It lets you:

  • Find the best time to submit your app
  • Create thumbnails to help you stand out
  • Craft your submission’s first comment

The false start

On a cold morning, last October, we decided it was time to put Missive’s home page online. At that point, we only…

When I write, I do a lot of mistakes of all sorts, particularly crazy stupid ones. English is not my first language; French is. But this doesn’t explain the why, since I make as many in French. As an entrepreneur I need to write a lot (emails, blog posts, tweets, Github issues) and mistakes are always biting my ass and hitting at my credibility and my ability to communicate clearly. I hate them. That’s why I’ve developed a set of techniques to help me alleviate them, here they are:

1. Take your time

Probably not the one you wanted to hear first, but so…

In 2013, Etienne, Tristan, Rafael and I got together to bootstrap a product called Conference Badge . We documented the first months in a blog post, ~7k Monthly Revenue: the Fact Sheet. Since then, the product started to generate enough revenue to sustain ourselves full time.

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Moment we went full-time

The first couple of months were risky; cash flow was tight. Eventually, we were able to raise our individual monthly dividend to CAD$2.5K/month[1] and save a big chunk of the profits to the company’s bank account.

With our new found time we started exploring new ideas. Why not focus all our energy on our…

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