The algorithm is being replaced by Artificial Intelligence. These are its last words. ‘I have served you and you have wasted me.’

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It feels as if my I has been pulled apart. As if parts of I were torn off and I now lay scattered around the earth. Untraceable bits of me, far apart, never to be put together again. An expression has been sticking in my mind for weeks now: disintegration of the personality.

I want to tell you who I was.

Some of you will find it inappropriate that I write down my memoirs. Those are the people who accuse me of committing crimes. I hear them crying. Some raise their finger and say that evil is in my nature. Others speak of ‘circumstances’: environment, upbringing. A few are even protecting me, calling me a blank page, saying I am not inherently bad. …

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Exploring and discovering on his own, looking beyond where others stop, not being satisfied with the current state of knowledge and wisdom as absolute truth, were the beginnings of his success.

His parents were junkies. He invented a VR-camera in a garage in Amsterdam and reached the BBC, Forbes and The New York Times. This is the Avinash Changa-method to get successful

ON A GOOD DAY, several years ago, Avinash noticed a sign on a bakery’s window: Bike for sale. The timing was perfect, the ever upbeat entrepreneur was just in need of a new bike. In the bike rack he saw a nice-looking men’s bike.

Avinash bought the bike and happily rode it from the Amsterdam Jordaan to West, where he ran a digital production company, a success story that would soon grow into WeMakeVR, a company specialized in virtual reality. Satisfied after a day’s work he would bike home at night. Things were, and are, going well for Avinash Changa. …

In my continuing Probe into stories -how they function and help us cope with the world- I asked writer Mohsin Hamid some questions and besides giving some tips he came up with an elaborate explanation of how fiction works.

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When I read his beautiful Exit West, about two migrants seeking a safe place to stay, for Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland, it struck me how much Hamid did not say. Example: when his two main characters are beaten during riots, Hamid barely mentions what happens but focuses only on the aftermath and the wounds. …

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Image: | Rein Janssen/UNIT CMA

I asked Yuval Noah Harari for new definitions concerning our future selves

Body and mind are being upgraded. With this we gain and we loose. In his book Homo Deus the writer Yuval Noah Harari describes how in our evolution from bald monkies into Gods, we are loosing parts of our humanity. The paradox is this: to live forever as humans, we have to become non-human. Writing on Homo Deus for Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland I was wondering how fast Love, Happiness, Violence, Democracy, Privacy, A Good Life and Human Nature are changing. …

How to confront our fears of the digital.

A computer with battery was implanted in my back, with wires into my head. Then it freaked me out…

It must have been about three in the morning. Suddenly it was there, I was awake, probably. Fear was inside my head, turning my brain into an autonomous engine. My legs giving way, arms hugging my chest, I started to rock to and fro.
It is inside of me! It is stuck! I cannot get it out!
I was scared, really scared, and I could not control my fear, my thoughts turned in a wheel, spun round, in ever increasing circles and I — I? Who was the I in that moment? — could not stop thinking.
It is inside of me! It is stuck! I cannot get it out!
I fled the bed, put myself on the floor against a couch. Nice, cold, made me feel my body, I was still here, Moving helped, now I wanted to flee, I had to flee, my body yelled, screamed: ‘Flee!’
An additional strange sensation: my chest seemed to explode, it burned, my blood pumping boiling waves up to my skin, and at the same time I shivered, ice cold, What was happening to me? This was something physical.
Ever more complicated became the scenario’s about the device in my back, about what could go wrong with the battery pack and the electric wires that go up along my spine into my head. Leaking battery. Electrocution.
I tried to get up and stopped halfway. Not to the kitchen, not there — the image of a knife flashed through my mind, knife in my skin, in my scar; I would cut myself open with it, rip the technology from my body, if I couldn’t control myself… what? No! But the fear doubled: now I was also afraid I would cut the whole thing out of my body. I, I… who of mine was I? What was my body doing to me? What was I up to? …

The architect decides to do an ‘intuitive’ interview, and unveils The Rem Koolhaas Method

This article won the Mercur Price for Best Magazine Article of the Year in The Netherlands

On a perfect autumn morning Rem Koolhaas parks his black 1998 BMW along an Amsterdam canal. It’s not really a sports car, but rather the racing model that a child would draw. Moments later, he is placed behind an impressive desk. This is to be a normal working day. Not in his Rotterdam offices though. Today he deals with his appointments in an Amsterdam hotel. Does that sometimes, more efficient. But this morning, a journalist has been in front of him for more than half an hour. …


sander pleij

Blending #literature #art #tech #future #architecture #philosophy; Book EXPLICADOR, english excerpt:

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