64 days journey on freeCodeCamp

I eventually discovered freeCodeCamp on June the 1st and it seemed very different from other coding websites.

freeCodeCamp is a community based site, where students are encouraged to work on real projects. There are active groups on Facebook, chat rooms on Gitter, people who write tons of useful essays on Medium, etc.

I thought “Wow! I’ll definitely learn new skills and expand my expertise with those people help”. And I was right. I’ve learned a lot.

Actually I started my software engineering career in 2010. I worked one year as a front-end developer and after that I’ve been working as a back-end engineer.

Since 2010 front-end development has changed. There’re thousands of new front-end libraries, frameworks and tools. As a back-end engineer I’ve missed the opportunity to try most of them.

freeCodeCamp community helped me to refresh my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related frameworks and apply this knowledge to real projects.

Here is a short summary of what I’ve done so far with the help of freeCodeCamp community

First of all, I was able to implement 10 projects that are included into Front End development certification and I’ve got the certificate.


Projects stats

  • 110 GitHub commits made(11 commits per project in average).
  • 4049 lines of code written in total(405 lines per project in average).
  • 1018 lines of HTML.
  • 1181 lines of CSS.
  • 1850 lines of JavaScript.
  • 100 lines of code(or 3 commits) is an average output per day coding day.
  • 339 likes and 51 comments gotten on Facebook community page “FreeCodeCamp Earth”.
  • Hosting services used: CodePen.io, Surge.sh, Heroku.com.

Now I feel more confident as a developer and I do not afraid any challenges anymore.

Big thanks to Quincy Larson(the founder of freeCodeCamp) and the community for the support.