Plentywaka App Update; What’s New?

(This article was updated Thursday, 7th May 2020)

As part of our commitment to giving you the best experience with Plentywaka, we have upgraded our mobile app with new and easily accessible features. These updates aim to improve the rider’s experience from the mobile app to the rides itself.

In the previous app upgrade, we introduced features such as the Wakapurse, Referral system, Multiple Seat Booking, Rating System, Optimized Routing system, and a Better User Experience.

The new upgrade to the Plentywaka App (V. 2.0.22) at the moment ranges from the discount for VIP riders, terms and Conditions pop-up, Changes to the current location, new payment gateway option, fixes to the scan and book feature, notification page updates, and more. Many of these issues are based on the riders’ feedback, which we take seriously, so we are happy to see the latest version of the app come to life.

To help you understand better, we have analyzed each added update below.

This article was updated on Thursday, 7th, May 2020.

New Features With The Newly Updated Plentywaka App ( V. 2.0.22)

1. Discount For VIP Riders

Based on the feedback from riders, we have decided to open up discount rates for everyone. All you have to do is, fund your wakapurse with a bulk sum of N45,000 and above and you get to enjoy a 20% discount on ALL rides for 30 days.

2. Terms and Condition Pop-Up

With the newly updated Plentywaka App, a pop-up containing our terms and conditions will appear on the screen. Kindly read through and accept before proceeding.

3. Change Current Location

To accommodate the expansion plans to other states in Nigeria, we have added a new feature where you can change your location. With this, you get to change your location to any state you are in so you can continue using the Plentywaka service.

To update your location, kindly visit your “Settings” and click on “change location”.

Features With The Plentywaka App ( V. 2.0.17)

1. Monnify Payment Gateway

Because we take the feedback from our riders seriously, we have provided a new option to funding the Wakapurse. With Monnify, an auto-generated Providus bank account number has been provided for all riders. To fund the wakapurse, simply transfer any amount of funds into the account have the wallet funded immediately. That Simple!

Other options to funding the Wakapurse include; Payment with the ATM card or via e-banking.

Monnify Payment Gateway System

2. Identify Vehicle Type

At the moment, our fleet of vehicles includes Minivans (Sienna), 14 Seater buses, and Coaster buses. With the new Plentywaka App, riders can now see the type of vehicles available when they search for a ride and choose the type they wish to join only if there are seats available.

3. Notification Page

Worried about missing a Plentywaka notification? Not anymore!

With the newly updated Plentywaka App, a notification tab has been added to the menu section. Notifications sent to riders from our back end can now be opened and viewed at any time because it is stored within the app. Riders can always visit the notification section to view old and new notifications from us.

4. Scan to Book

Save time and simply “scan and ride”. With the newly updated Plentywaka App, riders can now scan the QR code on the body of a vehicle to book a ride (of a bus they can visibly see), check-in, check out, and download the app on all devices.

To scan to book a new ride, simply open the app, and scan using the “scan to book” at the top right corner of the homepage. For checking into the vehicle after booking a ride, simply scan and join the bus or scan to check out. New riders can also use the QR scanner in their devices to scan to download the app when they see a vehicle.

With this, riders can cut out the time of waiting to scan in or out using the drivers’ app and new riders can simply scan to download the app. It is totally optional but faster.

5. Payment History

With the newly updated Plentywaka App, riders can now view all payment and wallet transfer history.

Please note that this is only available to riders who have updated their app or recently downloaded the Plentywaka app. from Thursday, the 7th of May 2020 (updated).

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new app updates, so kindly leave a comment below.

Plentywaka, Move Better!



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