(GSSE) TU130 Week 1's Homework by Mr.Teepakorn Boonpharod

  1. What is my learning style?

“My learning always start from curiosity. When I am curious about something I will find it out. I can use Google to help me or I can go to the library to read some books that are interesting. By the way, if I want to do something, I will do it by myself and do not care that it will be good or not. And then the result can teach me how to do it better in the future.”

2. How has science changed the human experience?

“I think science can change the human experience a lot. In the past, people had no vehical but their foot, so they have to walk. But then, they produced some cars, so they didn’t have to walk anymore. People’s lives can be more convenient because of science.’

3. Why does the word “Technology” mean to you?

“Because, today, technology is very important to my life. Instead of writing documents, I can print them. Instead of writing some letter, I can use mobile phone. I can see that technology is everywhere around me.”

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