Fix Your Own Bugs

It’s a lovely Wednesday morning, you’re sipping a delicate brew of Long-Jing tea, as you sit down to write some of the finest code of your career. You “git commit”, push to production, and feel a little smug about being this productive all before noon.

And then a colleague pops up in Slack. They reviewed your code, and guess what, you overlooked some cases. Not just some ultra rare edge cases, it turns out that half of the time your code simply doesn’t work as intended. What a bummer, yet you are not deterred. Do you:

A) Tell your colleague your intention was correct and leave it at that
B) File a bug report for the compiler you’re using, obviously they need to fix things so your code works
C) Fix the effing code so it actually does what it’s supposed to do

I’ll give you a minute to ponder these options.

A day goes by, it’s Thursday evening, you’re at a meetup addressing a sizable crowd. You open your talk with “Hi guys”, and continue to smash it on stage. Afterwards someone brings to your attention that a number of people in the audience did not feel included by your opening. Do you

A) Tell them your intention was correct and leave it at that
B) Tell those people they are wrong to feel that way
C) Fix the bug in your speech so it actually does what you want it to do

I know this can all be hard to grok. Say you are a guy, why can’t everyone be a guy? But trust me, not everyone is a guy. You can try this out yourself. Next time you’re in a group of people, ask them one by one, “are you a guy?”. Chances are you’ll find some people who do not think of themselves as guys. Who knew!

So some people are not guys, humor me for a minute by accepting this as fact. Maybe they experience some things differently. How would you ever know?

Lucky for you, I’ve found this great life hack, you should try it, it really works!

A) Listen to people who are different from you
B) Believe them

That’s it, two easy steps. Enjoy!

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