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Jenna Law is a UX, Product + Service Design Director in NYC. User Focused. Experience Driven. Design Led.
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Do you applaud the written word?

Medium has been making a few changes recently. Apart from the redesigned logo (v3) I am far more interested to see the shift from Like/Loves (heart) to Applause (clapping).

How to strike the balance between brand innovation and user needs.

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Chatbots have been dominating the headlines over the past few months. With the world still getting to grips with the differences between A.R. and A.I., what can chatbots add to the conversation — literally & metaphorically?

Chats ‘assistants’ aren’t entirely new — Siri and Cortana have existed for a while but are yet to truly prove themselves vital in the lives of the masses. They may work day to day for users but brands have found it challenging to get ‘invited to the party.’

However, because these bots are…

With most top line smartphones already using biometric fingerprint logins and wearables such as Fitbit seeing their sales increase 50% year-on-year: Can brands use data like this to automatically capture customer levels of satisfaction and do we want them to?

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How customers feedback today

Customers today measure their satisfaction with a product/service based on a variety of ‘if’ factors:

  • if it works
  • if it’s intuitive to understand
  • if it was delivered quickly
  • if it offered value for money …and so on.

How they share that information is more varied:

  • they may tell their partner or spouse (close network)
  • perhaps even their local neighbour or…

UX Behaviour Change

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‘App Synergy’- another buzzword? Another UX description to debate over? Or a proposition that holds some practicality for the end user?

I am going with the latter….

Simplicity changes behaviours

Having been working on a UX behaviour change strategy over recent months, it has been challenging to pin down a proven successful method that doesn’t include significant trade-offs/sacrifices for the user.

Fogg’s Behavior Model encourages us, like all good designers should, to keep things simple. A user’s ability to change behaviour is fundamental to success, and success is very much based on the perception of ease. …

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