Recreating Nigeria's brand impression using V.R

Nigeria as a country has been attached with different negativity. This has put the country in a bad light globally. It makes people naturally skeptical about patronizing the country as a whole. This negative image has really cost the country lots of accruable revenue.

Truly the country has been in a huge mess over the years and this is unconnected with the user experience people have gotten over the years.

Despite all of these, there are countless positive attributes about Nigeria. People around the world can learn a lot about Nigeria in the form of tourism, hotel & hospitality, cultural values and all other great things embedded within the country.

Nigeria as a country with a huge landmass can tap into tourism to recreate a brand impression. Tourists have countless places to visit, things to engage with and so many things to learn. All what is needed is an effective and innovative way of communicating this opportunities to tourists. To share these potentials among people, the medium used in communication must be able to stimulate tourists to visit Nigeria. Every opportunity has to be addressed with designs ranging from Immersive virtual tours of places in Nigeria, consistent web contents, social media campaign, outdoor media, print magazines, trade fairs etc. In all of this, taking note of the distinctive Nigerian cultural, societal and business qualities with a strong graphic look to create true communication power.

In the noble words of Philip Kotler, a marketing guru, “Places are, indeed, products whose identities and values must be designed and marketed.” Seeing places around the world gives tourists a more lasting impression because they feel more connected, they don’t tend to lose memories of what they see or interact with.

Doing this effectively, people become interested in Nigeria, their curiosity is raised, awareness increases and the image improves.

PLINVR as a virtual reality company started a project called “Discover Nigeria”, which entails a detailed immersive virtual tour of iconic places in Nigeria. At PLINVR we have 3 main guides when embarking projects like this, they include; digitally preserving historical and cultural Sites; educating people through our virtual reality platform the values of Nigeria; showcasing Nigeria’s contemporary aesthetics.

We strongly believe these 3 main pillars have a converging point and can form a new understanding and perspective about Nigeria in peoples mind.

Virtual Reality technology has brought a lot of advancements in travel and tourism, education etc. It has given people a better way of understanding places even when they’ve not gone there before.

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We took up a project on the virtual tour of Osun grove, a named World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the quest to digitally preserve cultural sites and raise awareness about places like this, we started distributing the final project via our platform for people to see how the place looks like and its significance. Their response to this virtual tour revealed they better understood the cultural significance of Osun river goddess and the grove. Even though they didn’t go to Osun State to see the place, we took the place to them and it was really appreciated and educating.

This type of project is what we are commencing and distributing via social media for people to better understand Nigeria at large and we believe this will go a long way to recreate the brand “Nigeria”

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