Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

I really liked this article. Thanks so much for writing and sharing. I have been a church attender all of my life and do see that for many “church-attender” and “Christ-follower” don’t always comingle as they should. Christ served, loved, healed and forgave people. My concern is when folks take the “Jesus hung out with sinners” thing a different way than me. Jesus did talk with “sinners” (but we are all sinners!) and eat with them but that doesn’t mean they were best buds and hung out with each other and sought each others advice. I think we are called to love on folks, serve them, help them but that is not to say we will be best friends with them. The Bible tells us to choose friends wisely, seek friends who can advise you, encourage you and hold you accountable. Acting from your heart and doing and giving in love and compassion is worth way more than keeping a bunch of rules but never helping or loving or giving. Some surely do focus on the “I keep all the rules” aspect but never truly humble themselves or serve. They are missing out!! God bless man! :-)

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