Creating your own app or SAAS is a thing right now.
Every studio or freelancer in the field of web or graphic design or development or programing or anything is starting its or his own product.
And that’s a good thing.
We always believed, when we started PLMD with Pierre in 2004 that, even with the half thousand graphic design studios located in Brussels at that time, we would find work if we wanted to.
Nine years later, there are near to half a million studios and we still work.
That’s not a problem for us if other products like Billlit already exist somewhere on the net.
We built our own, with our own views.
Deciding on how, where and when we wanted to use such a tool.
We have plans for the future of the service.
So we wanted to give it a shot now and see what it can become.

What is Billlit.

An online invoicing platform that helps freelancers or small companies bill their clients and getting paid quicker.

Since our very first invoice, keeping our books up to date has always been a hassle. And we know we’re not the only ones.
That’s why our main focus with Billlit is to make the awful-pain-in-the-ass experience of invoicing clients, keeping your books fresh, exporting everything every three month, sending this to your accountant to let him do your taxes, or even worse, keeping them for yourself, but making the least enjoyable part of business, a little less painful.

It’s our first attempt at making a public launch of such an app or tool or service or product, call it as you will.
We are still in development but it’s developing fast (thanks Colm), the first and Easy plan, will be available soon and if you subscribe now, you’ll be the first to know about it.

The adventure begins here

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