The Art of The Side Hustle

It’s 2017, the world has changed drastically. People are getting rich of YouTube videos and Instagram post. People are making quick cash flipping stuff on the internet and society is getting more and more connected. My point is this, a side hustle is needed. Your 9–5 won’t really cut it anymore. People are looking into new ways to get secondary income. This is what I call the art of the side hustle.

I was first exposed to the art of the side hustle when I was in the 2nd grade. I lived a block and half away from my elementary school in which I would always walk to and from school. I would wake up early and hit the candy store across the street buy candy with the little money I had, hold it until school started and then I would sell it to the other kids for a marked up price. I was making money off of a side hustle that I learned at a young age.

So fast forward to my senior year in high school. I took AP Microeconomics, which was a complete joke at my school, but if my teacher taught me anything it was “Supply & Demand”. For my personal example with cutting hair, the demand is always there. People are always gonna be in need of a haircut. The supply is what changes, the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned about the value of time. Time is something that everyone wants more of. If I can provide a service that can save you time then BAM! I have my business idea. As a at home barber people value not having to spend hours on end waiting at a barbershop to get a haircut. I found my side hustle quick. I knew I learned a trade that I can have for the rest of my life. It’s a trade I can rely on to provide me side cash at any give point. I had found my side hustle.

A side hustle doesn’t have to be as complex as mine. You don’t need to have years and years of experience or learning a trade. As I stated in the opening sentence, it’s 2017! The world is changing…

Danielle Bregoli, age 14, has an estimated net worth of 200k. You ask yourself, Danielle Bregoli? Who the hell is that? Well how about you “Cash me outside, how bout dat?” Yes, the girl that went viral has a net worth of 200k and growing. This is the power of the internet. With a simple click of a button we can share a video to someone on the other side of the world. The internet is so powerful I’m not sure if people really understand this concept. The internet has given us the tools to connect with others from all across the world. So why aren’t people utilizing this tool to its full potential?

The internet has give us a platform. A place to speak our mind, a place to create, a place to imagine, a place to innovate, a place to communicate, most importantly a place to HUSTLE. E-Commerce is the new wave. Don’t believe me? Well Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos clearly has proven otherwise. People need to realize that with 7 billion people in this world you are bound to find people with the same interest as you. Turn your passions into businesses. Once you find a way to sell your passion in the sense of a product or a service, then you’ve found the key to a successful side hustle. Often times business fail because lack of passion, their heart is just not in it. When you find your niche and find something you’re good at people will eventually come along. The key is persistence. You can’t expect to become a millionaire over night, you can’t expect to even make a profit your first day. However if you have a vision and are determined to pursue it then you’re half way there.

As I said, your 9–5 just won’t cut it anymore. You need to find your side hustle. My main tips are the following.

  • Find a passion
  • Create a product/service with that passion
  • Create a team (if necessary) of people that believe in the same passion
  • Get to work!

Amazing things can happen when you connect with the right people. Business thrive by connecting with the right people. A side hustle can be simple, a side hustle can be complex. Whatever your side hustle is, purse it whole heartily. Who knows, one day your side hustle might grow so much it becomes better than the main hustle, which is the ultimate goal.