The Will Of Perseverance.

I just want to take the time to share a personal story of mine to help inspire a few others. My story is the will of perseverance and the result of hard work and determination.

This story begins back in the summer of 2008. I had just got back from a family vacation and high school soccer try outs were underway. Soccer try outs were set to last all week and the team would be announced at the end of the week. Two days into the tryouts I felt something in my knee was off. I felt a pinching pain above my kneecap so after tryout that day my mom took me to get checked up. It turned out that I had broken my growth plate in my right leg from a previous injury I received earlier that summer. Just like that I’m walking out of the doctors office with a cast that starts from my toes running all the way up my leg. Just like that my goal of making the soccer team was crushed. A large amount of my friends at the time played sports so everyone was either trying out or already on the team and practicing. I was devastated, not only could I not play the sport that I loved but I couldn’t even hang out with my friends after school. That time I had my injury I spent a lot of time alone. Being alone isn’t always a bad thing, it gave me room to think. It was there in those days I spent alone that I planted the seed of the idea of cutting hair. An idea that I would cultivate and dream to reality.

My brother and I are 4 years apart in age. When I started high school he was off to college. The way my house is set up, me and my brother shared the entire basement. We both had our own rooms and there was a living room and bathroom as well. Being that he went to live on campus I seized that opportunity. I remember telling him, “Hey I got an idea man can I please use your room?” He hesitated but eventually said “yeah go for it.” It was that moment when I went to work. I cleared out his entire room, painted the walls and went looking for supplies. I went searching to try to find things that I could turn into a make-shift barber station. With the help of my dad I created this barber station out of this desk, bought an old mirror from the thrift shop, painted up the border and set up two different stations. “The Shop” was coming along. I saved up some money and finally was able to purchase my first set of machines. This whole time I had a location, “The Shop” and supplies but I had never even touch a pair of clippers in my life. That moment I decided, “Well, let’s start practicing.” I remembering spending hours on end researching how to cut hair, always stopping by my barber shop asking a million questions and just observing for a far. I was hungry to learn everything and anything I could. My idea started to come more and more to life. It was then when I received my first official customer. I remember being nervous as hell not really sure how it would come out but mind you I wasn’t charging so all I tried to do was give him the best haircut I could give. The moment it was all over the haircut ended up coming out alright, this gave me hope and extra motivation. That first haircut got me hooked. My friends and other people knew I had set up a little shop at home, but everyone made it clear that they didn’t want me to cut their hair. Some of my old “friends” always told me, “You suck at cutting hair”. I never let what other thought of me become what I thought of myself, I always viewed it as motivation. If I started from ground zero the only way is up, right? I ignored all those so called “Friends” and other people telling me I wouldn’t make it and kept pushing forward kept staying hungry to learn. I remember I would beg people to let me cut their hair, FOR FREE! I knew the cost of becoming something in the “World of barbers” would mean I need to try and try again. Cutting hair is a craft and just like anything you need to keep beating on your craft over and over. Some people are gonna say, you can’t. Some are gonna try to talk you out of pursing your dreams and ideas. Some are even gonna try to tarnish your name. No matter what keep pushing forward, stay hungry to be better.

Let’s fast forward to my senior year of high school. At this point in my life I had made a name for myself as a barber. I had put hundreds of hours into this craft of mine.People knew who I was and people knew I had some skills. I went from begging people to let me cut their hair to charging barber shop prices with no questions asked. The art of preservance is the willingness to never give up. The same people that tried to discouraged me and talked bad about me were the same people that were now begging me to cut their hair. The tables had definitely turned. Time and time again people let the noise around them distract them from pursing their dreams and ideas. Persistence is key in making things happen. As the old saying says “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Perseverance along with vision can take you far.

So fast forward to present day. I have been cutting hair for 10 years now. I have done thousands of different haircuts. I have cut hair in different states, countries and even continents. I have made so many different friends and have heard so many stories from people of different walks of life. I have cut pro athletes, College Athletes, MMA Fighters, and CEOs. I have made connections with people I would have never imagined. Cutting hair changed my world. It taught me the art of perseverance, it taught me that anything is possible if you’re willing to put the time. Because of this, cutting hair has given me an escape. Growing up in a pretty tough neighborhood cutting hair kept me off the streets and kept me outta trouble. Cutting hair gave me a source of income and taught me various skills that I didn’t even think I was practicing.

  • Attention to detail
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service skills

So no matter what you do in life the goal is to better yourself as a person. Keep dreaming, keep pursing your goals and ideas no matter what anyone thinks. Do it for yourself and no one else. It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to your dreams and aspirations. Sometimes you have to distance yourself to work on yourself. Keep striving and stay hungry to learn and grow. Life is too short to think of the “what ifs”. The best time to start is NOW, not tomorrow, not a year from now. So set your goals and ideas and get to work!

(Circa 2009)