Eleven Stunning Graphs From 2014 That You Should See

To see the interactive versions of these charts, head over to our blog. If you’re inclined to share, here is the link: http://blog.plot.ly/post/105606371387/eleven-stunning-graphs-from-2014-that-you-should

We’ve put together our favorite graphs and graph collections from 2014. Press the “play with this data” link to edit your own version of the plot and data. If you’d like to use Plotly on-premise, contact us about starting a trial.

Seven Plotly Graphs in 3D: Stocks, Cats, and Lakes

This scatter plot was made with the Plotly MATLAB API by Plotly engineer Chuck Bronson. Toggle to zoom in and out, or click and drag the plot to flip and rotate. If you go to the plot URL you can see the full-screen version. See our 3D post for more.

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5 Plots on Gender You Have to See

Randal Olson is a PhD in Computer Science who noticed his classes had a paltry gender ratio. He examined undergraduate majors over time, and write a blog post about it. See our full post for more.

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Graphing Data from MySQL: Life Expectancy vs. GNP

This plot tracks life expectancy vs GNP. Bubbles are sized for country population and the colors show the continent. See our post to learn how to make the chart below (or others) from a MySQL database.

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Why Graph? Anscombe’s Quartet

Anscombe’s Quartet is a group of four datasets created by F.J. Anscombe’s for a 1973 paper, Graphs in Statistical Analysis. All four graphs have identical (to two decimal places) linear regression coefficients, x and y means, x and y variance, and pearson correlation coefficients.See the full post for more details.

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Eight Graphs You Should See on Global Warming, Population, & Public Opinion

Check out our full post to learn more. The chart below shows a global climate model

tuned to reconstruct the historical temperature record and the corresponding assumptions in the model to which the associated temperature changes can be decomposed into various forcing factors.
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Nine Nobel Prize Graphs: The Laureates, When They Win, and Nobel Impact

In 2014 Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize, making her the youngest winner in history. She is an outlier in this box plot with jitter. The plot shows the age when Nobel Laureates received their prize. See our full post to learn more.

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A live-streaming double pendulum

In this example, we simulate the motion of a double pendulum in real-time. See our Python docs or MATLAB docs to start streaming your data.

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Data Loss, Citations, & Access

In a recent study, data was sought from 516 studies between 2 and 22 years old. The authors concluded that the odds of a data set being reported as missing fell by 17% per year. Read the whole post on how to use Plotly to preserve and share your data.

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Eleven Interactive Fractals

Fractals show a repeating pattern that displays at each scale. They can be both beautiful and useful. Click here to see eleven.

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Four Unclear Graphs About Healthcare and Unemployment and How You Can Fix Them

The graph below comes from the Huffington Post. We can make it more readable. See our full post.

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Four Beautiful Python, R, MATLAB, and Mathematica plots with LaTeX

LaTeX lets you create lovely, complex mathematical functions from typed text. Plotly will render LaTeX in annotations, labels, and titles. See our post and LaTeX tutorial for more.

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