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Make Your Next Presentation Pop

Imagine: You have been working at a prestigious organization of your choice for 6 months. Not a newbie anymore, you are making noise and getting noticed. Kicking ass and taking names, really. Next thing you know, your boss is calling on you to represent your team at a board meeting. The 10-minute impression you leave on its members will greatly influence your team’s funding for the next financial year.

Sure, you could take the easy way out — slap together some bland PowerPoint slides, lots of text, little color, and surely not enough figures. Plotly and Formidable have a different view.

Introducing Spectacle Editor, the world’s first open source presentation editor.

Instead of sending your colleagues for an extra cup of coffee because your presentation put them to sleep, give them a little virtual caffeine (okay, maybe that’s a stretch!) and bring your data –your presentation– to life.

To show you how easy it is, we recreated the first 12 slides of @BenedictEvans Mobile Ate the World presentation. If you like this, you might also like the recent post we dedicated to Mobile Ate the World.

1. Download Spectacle Editor

It is available for Mac and Windows.

2. Start Designing Your Presentation

Seriously, it’s that easy. The controls are very intuitive — you’ve only got text, image or Plotly to choose from. We’ve recreated the title slide to Mobile Ate The World below.

3. Adding a Plotly Graph…

…is super simple. Just click the Plotly button atop the interface onto one of your slides. Before you can add a graph, you’ll have to login to your Plotly account and then paste the URL to the graph of your choice into the “Embed Url” field.

4. Adding an Image

Simply click on the “Image” button atop the interface. A default image will appear on the slide and then you can upload your own image via the right panel.

5. Customize Your Masterpiece

On the right panel, you can adjust the transition type between slides. Depending on what element (text, graph, etc), you’ll be able to make other adjustments (i.e. change text font, color, and size).

6. Choose How You’d like to Present

Perhaps you’d like the meeting’s attendees to have a copy of the presentation before you get started. Easily download a PDF in the “File” dropdown. If not, feel free to present inside of Spectacle Editor and take full advantage of interactive Plotly graphs.

7. Upload to Plotly

The “Upload” button in the upper left of Spectacle Editor ports your presentation to your Plotly account.

Simply head to Plotly to see your presentation.

Even present from there!

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