Tableau and Plotly Dashboards: Science, Finance, Banking, 3D & Beyond

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Suppose you work with business analysts, data scientists, marketers, and developers. You want to bring these teams together, combining the power of Tableau with the collaboration and flexibility of Python, R, Excel, MATLAB, and Plotly (see our APIs). You need a flexible, collaborative BI solution.

Embedding Iframes

Assuming you’ve downloaded and installed Tableau Public, open a new dashboard and drag “web page” onto the Tableau canvas. Tableau triggers a dialogue asking for a URL. You can place a Plotly graph URL into the box and add .embed. Then “save to web.” See the gif in full-size here.

Tableau / Plotly Dashboard #1: S&P 500 Comparisons & 3D Volatility Surface

The S&P 500 graphs in our first dashboard are embedded with a customized size, e.g.,

See the interactive plot

Tableau / Plotly Dashboard #2: Nobel Prize Winners & Scientific Achievement

Here is a Nobel Prize dashboard with a Plotly graph showing a confidence interval and a Tableau map.

See the interactive plot

Tableau / Plotly Dashboard #3: The Mandelbrot Set

Our next dashboard combines Plotly’s 3D graphing with Tableau’s sliders to let you drill down into the Mandelbrot Set.

See the interactive plot

Tableau / Plotly Dashboard #4: Turkey Size, Cost, & Growth

For our final dashboard, we’ve used custom Tableau data markers with a Plotly polynomial fit to examine turkey size, growth, and cost.

See the interactive plot

Exporting & Collaboration

Plotly graphs are cloud-based (or you can host Plotly on-premise), and can be edited online by anyone added as a collaborator. You can download the plot in many forms, make get requests for the data from multiple programming languages, and collaborate between users. Updates will show in the hosted iframe. If users click the “Play with this data” button on an embedded Plotly graph, they’ll get options to access the code, data, and graph:

See the interactive plot

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