there isn’t enough empirical data to support the “no God” case
Faith is not for the Moronic
Damilola Marcus

It’s quite interesting because your whole article clearly demonstrate a lack of logical structure and, thus, appear to be quite “moronic”.

First, you mix the concept of “faith” and “proving god existence”, which implies that you don’t have a clear mental representation of what you are talking about.

Second, you mainly talk about the “our universe is great for us thus it should have been created”, a very simple argument which is debunked in multiple ways and shows that you never really questionned your faith deeply and never allowed yourself to debate with skeptical.

In the end, you try to reassure yourself by saying that “it cannot be proved that god doesn’t exist”. Which is also a very tedious argument and make every atheist answer in laugh : “teapot around Saturn”.

You also try to convince yourself that “believing in god in not the same than believing in tooth fairy” without even trying to explain why.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed because I thought I would read some interesting thought about the psychological aspect of faith.

Now, the impression I have is that you were raised as a religious person. You were probably very rarely in situations where you had to question your faith.

On the Internet, you were forced to read and discover that a lot of people don’t believe in god. You probably felt attacked because your faith is part of your identity.

The fact that you tried to write something as an answer is the proof that those attacks hit something in you. The way you wrote this also looks like you are an intelligent person but who still need to learn about logical reasoning. You seems to be a logical person, thus trying to find logic in what you believe is part of your identity.

You are starting a very difficult journey. It will be hard (see )

In the end, you will probably have the choice between those options :

  • The moronic approach : Blind faith, reject logic. Keep reading from people who think like you. A waste of your intelligence.
  • The schizophrenic approach : separating completely your religious self and your scientific self. Religion is more a metaphore, we should not take it to the letter but I find it helpful. A lot of people are doing that and are just great.
  • The relativist approach : religion and faith are part of my culture. It doesn’t matter if it “isn’t true”. It’s only for myself. People like this usually become very tolerant. If they stay religious, it’s mostly for the social aspect of it. Else, they don’t really care.
  • The atheist approach : I feel like I’ve been duped. I start to realise everything was I lie and I could not stand it anymore. There are plenty of examples of this on the Internet. It must be painful.

Good luck on your journey!

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