#1. The beginning of the story

By the summer of 2016, I and Minseo finally decided to leave for work and go on a one-year trip together after marriage. Quit job, marriage, and long term travel. All three of us had to make quite a difference in our families as well as in the groups we were in. As we informed our decisions and plans around, we proceeded calmly with what we had to do. Fortunately, everything was well done.

It was not an easy decision to change the way we live our lives. I wanted to be an independent person who lives happily without greed while doing what I like.

Of course, the organization that I belonged to for seven years gave me the pride of being involved in public affairs, the pride in my title in the organization and business cards, the social belonging that there is a place to go to work in the morning, and the economic stability that is not bad.

But most of the work was a series of swirling torrents due to organizational biorhythms and changes in the surrounding environment, so it was irrelevant to my will. If I continue to exist in this realm, I will be trapped in an eternal vortex, I will not know what I am, what I like and dislike, what I am truly happy about, and what people beside me are.

We decided to get out of the vortex with courage and decided to look for answers or hints about our lives from our favorite trips. So we planed to travel 12 cities in 12 countries in Europe for 1 month each for a total of 1 year. Travel expenses were covered by severance pay and savings.

We also wanted to get a lot of inspiration from meeting European people, so we decided to use Airbnb, which is a shared accommodation system for locals.
(In addition, Airbnb offers a significantly higher rate of discount for long-term guests.)

We were not able to plan all of our travel plans in a year, but we had to make roughly the twelve countries and cities we wanted to travel for more efficient travel. Since both of us had only spent about a month of backpacking trips, we wanted to make our first destination a place where we could adapt to a one-year trip. My brother was studying in the city of Erlangen in Germany, and I had been there, so naturally Germany became our first destination.

However, the easiest way to get to Erlangen from South Korea was through Munich. Both I and Minseo had never been to Munich. So we spent four days in Munich and then moved to Erlangen and stayed for three weeks.

We finally boarded a British air flight to Munich with a lot of emotions, such as tension, excitement, happiness, fear, worry.