Story #1

Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the full moon. The blackbird glides down onto a branch of an old black oak, looking onward of the wide clearing ahead. A woman appears, parting leaves and branches as she steps into the clearing. She has the face of innocence, youthful and kind but her eyes are dark brown pools of wisdom and age beyond her years.

She waits patiently under the tree and she looks up and gazes up at the blackbird before it takes flight off into the night. She lifts her hood that covers her head, releasing her long dark tresses. Inhaling the air around her, it shifts and she smiles knowingly, leaning against the tree. Her eyes drift close but she stays aware of her surroundings and what has yet to come very soon. She does not flinch when she feels a warm, calloused hand cup her face. Her eyes are still closed, nuzzling her face more into his hand. He rubs her cheek softly with the pad of his thumb and just like always, her eyes open. She instantly comes in contact with the more than familiar deep hazel orbs. The same ones that she has seen when in such joy and happiness. The same ones that she has seen in sorrow and mourning, in the throes of passion.

They do not speak. Just look and feel. He moves closer to her, almost pinning her body to the tree. They continue their silent conversation when she brings the hand at his side to her lips and presses a soft kiss to his palm. Finally, after what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes, he speaks. “My love…” It is the only thing he can say, of all of the words he knows and in so many languages, nothing can compromise or properly explain the way he feels about her. She replies in almost a whisper, “Yes?” He smiles boyishly at hearing the voice that owned him in every way. “My love,” he starts again. “I cannot stay away any longer.” She smiles a little wider, warmer and says, “Then don’t.” He sighs and presses his lips to her as soon as she said the words. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly as she kissed him with everything she had. They both felt the tension and the unavoidable approaching, their chaste kisses turning more heated. She grabbed his hair firmly as he rubbed and caressed the leg she curled around his waist. His hand threading into her hair, he pulls back to see her face. Her features were marred with deep lines of sorrow and fear. He rubbed his thumb across her cheek, his lips tasting the salt from her tears on her lips as they clutched each other in a tight embrace. He tilted her head up and caught her eyes. “Shhh, do not cry, my love.” He said softly but fiercely, his hazel eyes alight with passion. She nodded and sniffled and he brought her close again, her head on his chest and his arms around her tightly.

The howling of reality approaches them quickly and his head snaps up in the direction of the darkness of the clearing. He brings her face to look back at him and shakes his head at her, seeing her fear creep up in her eyes again. She understands and nods her head, taking a deep breath. He cups her face with both hands and kisses her lips softly and she returns kisses, although more frantically than his. He pulls back and takes a hold her hands and looks deep into her eyes, seeing everything he needed to and she the same. “I love you.” He says to her, meaning every word. “I love you too, so much.” She says without any doubt or second thought. They both turn, their backs facing the beginning of the clearing and they look at each other with love and admiration as they together step off the edge.

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