What I have found in Digital BIGBANG Exhibition

. Hi guys! Here I come again. Today, I would like to present you guys about the interesting exhibition that had been occurred for last week. For this blog, I want to represent and review you guys about how do I feel after joining this exhibition, and how do I think about the visual of media advocacy can generate benefit for all those kind of people who need more help accessing in each different areas they lived. First of all, I had joint this exhibition called “ Digital Thailand BIGBANG 2017” which was related with This is my first time that had joint here, at first, the exhibition quite big, there was a lot of investors from many countries gather for finding partnerships for investing on their own countries such as Japan, United State, United Kingdom, Vietnam or Philippines. And look what I had found!

Here is the technology that everyone has to register here before getting in the exhibition. It firstly shown me that technology plays a role in everywhere, people try to provide technology in every single step of life in order to. drive their life even more faster.

Then I came into the exhibition, first thing that I saw was the world of technologies, when I looked around, I saw so many technological innovation that tried to be a part of our life. And it plays a big role to every human living in order to improve the quality of life for everyone. I took walking around the exhibition, there was so many developers came to promote their innovations which were launched for help develop and avoid from problems in each different issues such as agricultural issue, health issue, traffic issues and so on.

This exhibition quite interesting for me and I really new about it. Because it made me realized that technologies can also link to the thing about media advocacy. You know why? Because I think that developers try to launch so many innovations as they think that it might be the tools for advocate as well. Let me give example for one of innovation that I think it might lead to media advocacy.

There was one of company named “ opendream ” which is launch the technologies for sustainable social impact in many terms such as Disease Surveillance Technology, Education Game, Online Donation Platform, Project Expenditure Tracking System, Mobile & Web Application, and Online Ticketing System. So I would pick one of their project which is called “ PODD “ (PO-D-D).It is the technology that create application for local people which would tell them about the disease that had been appeared in that time. In order to launched this application, developers aim that they want to advocate local people about the outbreak that would gonna happen in the future,before it widely spread into big community. By that, developers tried to experiment this application in the northern part, northeast part of Thailand such as Chaingmai, Lampang, Khon Kean, and Ratchaburi.

This project would be the one that can link into media advocacy. Some people might not see that technologies can be transferable to advocate people even though it is hard to access to them. At least we can find the way to advocate people through application. So it was the way effectiveness to help people on hand.

And what about you? What is your social issue? And if you want to find solution, this exhibition may lead you to the light way to fix problem by technologies under using media advocacy

And lastly, I have some video to show you guys about the overall of this event. Hope you really enjoy and get the inspirational from this event to help engage people by technologies via using media advocacy. And big thanks to our lovely Teacher to gave us great opportunities to join in the event. That’s so amazed!



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