How Media Advocacy become a part of our life

In the current world of today, people are more likely to seek new things all the time. There are so many ways to make them getting alert and receive every single thing newly in both offline and online channels such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine or searched engine on web browsers which are all generated by human desirable. To talk about human desirable, most of people will never think that human be able to do everything they want even though it is hard to, but they try so hard to get reach of it successfully. So what I am trying to say from now is that nothing can stop human actions, as well as the way of people want to access on the point that they want to know. However, in this era, the top way that people use for getting know the current phenomenon is medium especially online medium, rather than offline medium. People are exceedingly use the online medium to advocate of what they want to, such as hashtag in twitter, or promoting campaign in Facebook. Basically, before we start to slip in the detail, we have to know what is the advocate really mean because the meaning is so wide and exactly get hard to understand.

Let’s say, Advocacy is the one of process that enabling and supporting people to express their concern, access the information, promote the right or explore the choice for solving problem. It is true that not every population in the world are getting this opportunity to do on what they thought because they always lack of power or lack of ability to do, even though there are so many ways to generate advocacy campaigns which are launched by public sectors or private sectors . For me I think there is no way getting most effective, if those developers do not use the online channels to be a part of campaign. Because nowadays, people prefer to assume information in online, rather than offline because it is faster, quicker and easier to know. So, we have to combine in both of advocacy and online medium in order to get the most effective outcome. Moreover, so much campaigns are spreadably launched in the online media for advocating human rights, or advocating a campaign for helping people. I had one of my favourite campaign that is launched for help support for transgenders called ” Happy Pride Month”.

I believed that most of Facebook users had seen the rainbow symbolic reaction across liking tap. And of course yes that there are so many people did not really know what was this symbolic meant for, because I was the one who was getting confused about this reaction.

Rainbow is the symbolic reaction that Facebook launched the campaign called “Happy Pride Month” to represent about human fight of transgender in everywhere all over the world. This campaign contained LGBTQ can expose of what they are with any concerning and without critiqued from others. It also represented about gender equality that whether you are a normal person or LGBTQ, you can stand everywhere as same as others, especially in online platform in the legal way and require them to use the real name to show that they can exist in the society.

“Many times, in LGBTQ, the T is sort of a stepchild,” said Buono. “Sometimes people aren’t really sensitive or aware of the things they’re doing or of some contradiction. That being said, I’m glad there is a pride reaction. Unfortunately, they have to get on the same page with their sensitivity training and understanding the needs of the trans community” (Buono, 2017).

Here was the one interviewee who was in transgender position. It really shown me that we have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, meaning that people have to open their minded and try to understand those LGBTQ that external was not the important factor than internal factor.

Last but not least, advocacy is the huge influenced of transforming phenomenon which are need to get improvement or assistance. And it has to be online platform because people currently consume the information via online channel, and here is the real facts that the world have faced today.

-More than half the world now uses a smartphone;
-Almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone;
-More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones;
-More than half of all mobile connections around the world are now ‘broadband’;
(SIMON KEMP, 2017)

Of course, it seems to be crystal clear that how media come to play a big role in every single step of human living. So, media advocacy will be the best way to transform all of concerning as virally, and we can let people share opinions and seeking for new ideas to generate the assistance to our target people. And lastly, I want to see people use social media in the right way, at least we can help people get out of concerning by advocated people in the way of we really want to be.

Hope you will enjoy my first content, see you next then.

Thank you!

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