Specific Someone

“We all hope that there’s someone out there for you”

That was a sentence that I texted to my new friend. He described his girlfriend as “amazing” and it moved me. Will anyone ever describe me as amazing like how he did? Will I have someone who will truly love me as I truly love them. “I’m sure the guy’s out there” he said. I did not know what to reply because we all know that there is someone out there but we all also have that specific “someone”. Someone what we always look for them in the crowd. Out of all the people who are there around you but you are still looking for them.

Everyone had the moment of “I’m moving on! I’m over him now! I don’t care about him anymore!” I had it too. But every time you smile, laugh, talk to me, you ruined all of the feelings. You made me fall back to you. And I don’t regret falling back to you.

I can only hope that your specific someone is me just like mine is you.

Even though I already know that it won’t be me.

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