I have no idea what are you doing right now. I imagine you working and talking to your colleague. I can ONLY imagine that you would look outside of your window and spend some time thinking about me. Yes, I know that we are friends but we both know that we think that we are just friends. I know that I am not in the position that I can ask for much though I want to see you almost every single day. I know that I look like I am super obsess with you, but is it wrong? You have no idea how much I love to just look at you when you closed your eyes. You have no idea how good it feels when you randomly hug me. You have no idea how funny it is to see you goofing around while listening to your favorite songs. You have no idea how glad I am when you called me baby.

I am happy to know you. I am happy that you are still with me.

I like you a lot

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