Pulling the Wall Down

Can we all agree being vulnerable is difficult?

The minute we want to be vulnerable we start questioning it. Are we saying too much? Are we being too honest? People don’t actually want the truth do they? Is this going to make me look bad? Am I going to make everyone feel awkward after this? What if they don’t talk to me anymore?

And so we back-track in our head and tell a little white lie instead of the uncomfortable truth.

Time and time again we have seen, in the world around us, that if we are struggling with something we must be vulnerable to fix it.

An alcoholic who wants to be free of their addiction must first be vulnerable and admit they need help.

A friend wanting to lose weight succeeds more often by telling their friends for accountability and encouragement.

Being vulnerable is difficult, but as we strive to be better people, I believe being vulnerable is a necessity.